A Blaze of Perfection

Why You Should Choose SmocSilk

Choose SmocSilk for your charcoal needs! We offer a variety of options tailored to your preferences. Our selection includes Coconut shell Shisha charcoal, Bamboo Shisha charcoal, and Instant light Charcoal. All our charcoals are crafted in our advanced factories located in Indonesia and China. Our commitment to environmental safety is evident as our factories have achieved FSC certification for their eco-friendly practices. We prioritize the well-being of our planet by avoiding deforestation in our production process. Trust SmocSilk to deliver high-quality charcoal worldwide while upholding environmental responsibility.

Who WE Are

We are the biggest charcoal manufacturer in China, has more than 6 factories in operation , We have our own laboratory for researching the new energy resource, Charcoal is one of them. Now we produce not only the Hookah charcoal , we also have BBQ charcoal , Heating  charcoal and also  few disposable items.


Born from a passion for quality and innovation, SmocSilk began its journey in 2018. With our manufacturing facility, we embarked on a mission to craft not just charcoal, but a cornerstone of the ultimate hookah experience. Today, SmocSilk stands as a symbol of excellence in hookah/shisha charcoal, appreciated by connoisseurs worldwide.

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